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Nurseries and
growers' consultancy

During my years as a nursery manager, I gained vast experience and knowledge in everything related to the propagation and production of seedlings. My experience and knowledge in the field of subtropical plantations complements the practice of the entire life cycle of the plant, from seed to mature and yielding tree. This allows me to give advice with all the perspective required for the agricultural field.

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new agricultural projects

Every agriculture project should start with few important steps:

Step 1 • Study of target markets
Step 2 • Study of environment 
Step 3 • Soil study
Step 4 •  Water study 
Step 5 • Irrigation system
Step 6 • Infrastructure and land
use design
Step 7
Orchard cultivation & management

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Top grafting in orchards

We offer our consultancy  for improving old orchard performance by top grafting better varieties 


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