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Oren Wallach

"I was born in 1958 in Moshav Talmei Elazar, Israel. After completing my high school education at an Agricultural High School in Pardess Hanna and finishing my military service. I embarked on a three-year journey of Horticulture Studies at the Faculty of Agriculture in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Upon completing my studies in 1985, I founded a nursery specializing in subtropical and citrus fruits. Over the years, our nursery has consistently delivered high-quality seedlings and provided technical and horticultural support to both domestic and international markets.

Since 1989, I have been actively involved in numerous horticultural projects spanning across countries such as Israel, Egypt, Thailand, Morocco, China, South Africa, India, Cyprus, and Turkey.

With over 35 years of experience in crop and nursery management, Oren brings a wealth of expertise to the table."

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Berlin Germany 1933:
Max and Bety Wallach our grandfather and grandmother (who owned a textile store)- with their 3 sons immigrated to Israel( that on 1948 becomes to be the state of Israel).

The Wallach family with other German emigrants settled in Moshav Gan Shomron (10 km east of the town of Hadera) and start to make living from a small poultry and vegetable farm.

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about us תמונה להחלפה.jpg

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